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Bare Performance Nutrition in Some Popular Products

bare performance nutrition

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Some people may use supplements when they have to work out especially for men so they can build muscle and they can have a perfect body in six-pack tummy as the result of their effort. Meanwhile, it is better for you to see Bare Performance nutrition first before choosing the best supplement. You may think that supplements don’t have calories to make you fat but remember, supplement supports your fitness activity so it contains calories too.

Know Bare Performance Nutrition Before Using It for Fitness

There are so many products of supplement owned by Bare Performance and those can fulfill your fitness needs before, during and also after your fitness session. It can be whey protein, thermo focus, endo pump, creatine or amino acids. You can’t just choose without knowing anything because the supplement can be your best support while doing fitness. Knowing Bare Performance nutrition is better so you can choose which one can give you energy and which one can give you low calories.

It is all FDA-approved in the US so you are safe when you consume it. If you choose Endo Pump, then you may not get any calorie. You just get Vitamin C around 250% per scoop or around 8.05 grams. Meanwhile, if you choose Pure Whey, then you will consume 120 calories per serving. It has just 2 grams of total fat and 1 gram of saturated fat. It just contains 2 grams of carb but it is full of protein in 22 grams. It has no vitamin at all because it is concentrated on protein for your energy.

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If you choose whey fudge chocolate, you will get 130 calories per serving in 33 grams. It has 3 grams of total fat and 1 gram of saturated fat. It has cholesterol of 55 mg, sodium in 100 mg, potassium in 200 mg, total carb in 4 grams, sugar in 2 grams, protein in 24 grams, calcium in 8% and iron in 4%. You can search for other Bare Performance nutrition based on your product choice.

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