Granny Smith Apple Nutrition Measurement

granny smith apple nutrition

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The package said that Granny Smith Apple nutrition in one can consist of 100 calories, 0,36 gram of fat, 29,28 gram of carbs, and 0,55 gram of protein. The fat in one package of Granny Smith Apple is mainly dominated by polyunsaturated fat, saturated fat, and monounsaturated fat. As for the carbs, it is mainly sourced from sugars which are around 22.03g while the dietary fiber is only about one per five of the sugar (around 5.1g).

Besides carbs and fat, Granny Smith Apple nutrition as beverage also contains 2% of vitamin A, 2% of calcium, 17 % of vitamin C, and 2% of iron. Even though the beverage contains vitamin and protein as the company add 212 gram of apple in each package; but still, the main ingredient that dominates the beverage is sugar which is more than 22 gram. The nutrition graph of granny smith apple indicates that 94% of it consists of carbs as it dominates by sugars while fiber and extract fruit are less than any other ingredients.

It is also noted that the vitamin on granny smith apple juice mainly comes from chlorine which is around 3,4 gram, followed by vitamin A which is taken from beta-carotene and lutein + zeaxanthin, vitamin K which is added to the juice is 3,2 mcg which is around 4%. As for minerals, it basically consists of potassium K which is 120 mg. While other mineral ingredients that are added to the beverage such as iron, zinc, copper, and others which are mostly under 1 mg.

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For the carbohydrate, it is generally around 13,61 gram followed by sugars 9,59 gram; while the fibers are less than 3 gram. From the nutrition table which is provided by the company, we know how much vitamin each package of Granny Smith Apple Juice nutrition contain. Even though Granny Smith Apple nutrition consists of fiber and vitamin, but their percentage is far less than sugar and carbohydrates.

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