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Honey Nut Cheerios Nutrition

There are so many breakfast variation. One of them is Honey Nut Cheerios breakfast cereal. This product introduced since 1979 by General Mills Cereal Company. As we know, cereal is a kind of grass plants that produce grain that we can eat. In many country, people eat grain by cook them. Others eat grain by transform it into another products, such as oats.

Transform grain into oats give them longer saving periods, available eaten directly, add milk to make it more tasty, or add hot water or milk to make porridge. Original oat usually plain, but the next variety may be sweeter. One of the example is the Honey Nut Cheerios, whic the second variation is sweeter than the original one. The company also give a honey and almond flavor, so people may choose the best.

How about the Honey Nut Cheerios Nutrition? Is it good for everybody? From the cardbox, we can get the nutrition fact information: for every 100 grams contain 376 calories, total fat 4,7 grams, 543 mg sodium, 408 mg potassium, sugar 33 grams, protein 9 grams, and 4 kind of vitamins.

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People should know their body’s need, what kind of food that they love, and kind of food that they may not eat, so that people can arrange their diet. Eating cereal is an easy way to have breakfast, but it could be danger to eat them all day long, especially use it as snacks. People also can make their cereal contain more nutrition by adding fresh vegetables and  fruits. You can use the nutrition fact to count how many oats you may eat every morning, combine them with your daily diet.

Your food describe who you are. After know about the Honey Nut Cheerios Nutrition, you can arrange your favorite food and live healthier.

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