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Jason’s Deli Nutrition Will Show The Whole Calories of The Menu

jason's deli nutrition

Photo Credit: Jason’s Deli

There are so many people start realizing about the importance of healthy living. That is why you can see so many catering stores which serve you healthy foods made of organic ingredients and also free from preservatives. Jason Deli is one of them and you can see Jason’s Deli nutrition will show you the best calories intake you need per serving. Though it is healthy food, you still need to know the calories since every ingredient contains it.

Jason’s Deli Nutrition Will Serve The Right Calories Information

Jason Deli offers the best healthy foods and they offer it through catering that can be enjoyed by those who want to change their life into the healthy one. Jason Deli promises to make foods with no fructose, artificial trans fats, MSG or other unhealthy ingredients to make it delicious.

However, you still need to pay attention to Jason’s Deli nutrition because of the changes in your life start from the right calories intake per day. Tuna Melt in half size can be an example for you to know the right calories. In Tuna Melt Half, the total calories are around 430. However, the calories which are counted from the fats are around 230.

Meanwhile, the fats counted are 26 grams but the protein is 26. This is for one serving meal of Tuna but you have to control in consuming it because the calories are quite high for Tuna Melt in half size. However, Tuna Melt in the whole size is higher than half size. Tuna Melt Whole size has around 830 calories per serving with 470 calories from fats.

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It is more than enough for you to consume because the calories are closer to 1000. Meanwhile, the total fats are also different from the half size. In this full size, you may get around 52 grams of total fats. The protein is around 53 grams and you need to control the right portion if you order the menu.

By knowing Jason Deli’s nutrition well, you can choose the menu to do the healthy catering so you may be ready to leave the old life.

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