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Romano’s Macaroni Grill Nutrition: Which One Is the Best Menu to Consume?


Romano’s Macaroni Grill is a famous restaurant in the United States. It is located in Texas with more than 90 locations in the worldwide. It serves and sells more types of foods, dishes, brunch, kids, and lunch for customers. Is macaroni grill nutrition sufficient to meet one’s nutrition intake? The nutrition of every dish and menu is based on daily consumption and diet.

The Content of Macaroni Grill Nutrition

Romano Macaroni Grill is a casual restaurant offering various menus and foods for guests. Every menu is unique and distinct because it is made of fresh and high quality so that it keeps the delicious taste and tasty flavor of the menu. It also concerns the nutrition of the served menus in Romano Macaroni Grill. It presents traditional Italian and American foods. The menu includes pasta, bread, steak, and lunch menus.


There are some kinds of menus in Antipasti category. The high-calorie menu is loaded fries. It contains 1020 calorie and 660 fat calories. It has 74 grams of fat and 22-gram of saturated fat. It contains zero gram of trans fat and 55 mg of cholesterol. It has 2030 mg sodium and 68 grams carbohydrate. It contains 7 grams fiber, 5 grams sugar, and 20 gr protein. The low-calorie food is minestrone. It has 160 calories and 25 fat calories. It also has 3 grams of fat and zero saturated fat and trans-fat. It serves 10 mg cholesterol and 1040 mg sodium. It saves 28 carbohydrates, 5 gr fiber, 5 gr sugar, and 6 gr protein.


Macaroni Grill lists 14 menus of salad. Parmesan Crusted Chicken becomes the high-calorie salad. It contains 1080 calorie and 430 fat calories. The fat is 48 gram and saturated fat is 9 grams. Meanwhile, trans fat reaches zero gram. It has 250 mg cholesterol, 910 mg sodium, and 100 gr carbohydrate. It also contains 7 gr fiber, 16 gr sugar, and 64 gr protein. Side Fresh Green Salad becomes the low-calorie salad. It contains 190 calories and 140 fat calories. The fat is 16 grams and saturated fat is 2 gr. The trans-fat is zero gr. It contains 190 sodium, 11 gr carbohydrate, 2 gr fiber, 5 gr sugar, and 2 gr protein.

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3 Course Lunch

This menu category provides four menus with macaroni grill menu nutrition. The high-calorie menu is Fettuccine Gorgonzola. It contains 1080 calorie and 610 fat calories. The fat is 68 grand saturated fat is 41 gr. Meanwhile, the trans-fat is 1.5 gram with 300 mg cholesterol. It offers 1850 mg sodium, 72 gr carbohydrate, 3 gr fiber, and 8 gr sugar. It has 44 gr protein. The low-calorie menu is Ravioli Alla Vodka. It has 650 calories and 330 fat calories. Fat reaches 37 gr and saturated fat is 20 gr. Trans fat is only 0.50 gr. It has 165 mg cholesterol and 1440 mg sodium. For the carbohydrate content, it is 50 gr. And, it contains 4 gr fiber, 9 gr sugar, and 24 gr protein.

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