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Mellow Mushroom Nutrition Percentage Analysis

mellow mushroom nutrition

Photo Credit: Livestrong

Mellow Mushroom nutrition from each product differs from one and another, some package might consist of 100 calories and even less than 50 while others might have more than 500. Some of the Mellow Mushroom nutrition fresh products that have less than 100 calories are fresh mozzarella cheese, black truffle oil, grilled Portobello, jerk chicken, and etc.

The mellow Mushroom product that has the least calories is banana pepper, while cheese calzone and house calzone consist more than 1.000 calories.  Since each of the products has variation in calories concentration so you can build your own menu based on your daily diet consumption, you can combine each ingredient to meet your nutrition necessities. A slice Mellow Mushroom nutrition on cheese and pepperoni pizza may contain 200 calories, 6 gram of fat, 32 gram of carbs, and 10 gram of protein.

 As long as you know the daily calories intake that you should consume in a daily basis then you can use each ingredient wisely since the company gives detail information about the nutrition and calories percentage in each package. For example a slice of  Mellow Mushroom’s large buffalo chicken pizza,  it consists of 540 calories which are dived by 45% of saturated fat, 17% of cholesterol, 59% of sodium, and 25 gram of protein.

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While one portion of regular Greek salad from Mellow Mushroom may only consist of 250 calories with 20% of saturated fat, 7% of cholesterol, 65% of sodium, and 9 gram of protein. Since each product from Mellow Mushroom is designed for certain calories consumption so you can choose the food package based on your daily calories intake. It is very convenient for those who take diet seriously, as they need to calculate the nutrition that is necessary for their daily activity. Mellow Mushroom nutrition diagrams are available to help you to determine the menu that fit your need.

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