Mountain Dew Nutrition Facts in Can and Bottle Size

mountain dew nutrition factsHaving carbonated soda drinks to refresh your body, mind, and soul on hot days is perfect especially Mountain Dew owned by Pepsi. However, as you know soda drink is bad for those who want to reduce weight or live healthily. Before consuming it more and more every day, you need to know Mountain Dew nutrition facts in each serving drink because it will make you understand how many calories you take inside one bottle of soda.

Mountain Dew Nutrition Facts in 12 and 20oz

PepsiCo is popular with its soda drinks and it has another type of soda which is called as Mountain Dew. Unlike the dark-colored soda, it looks like citrus soft drinks but of course, you have to know the Mountain Dew Nutrition Facts before consuming it because soda is something you need to avoid when you diet. You may also remove it from your food list if you want to live healthy because nobody drinks soda when they do it. Basically, it comes in several sizes but the bigger size you drink, the more calories you get.

If you like Mountain Dew in the can, it has around 355 ml or 12oz. In one can, it has 170 calories with not total fat and saturated fat. It contains no vitamins too. However, it has 65 mg of sodium, 46 grams of carb and 46 grams of sugar. Meanwhile, if you choose bottle size which is bigger, then you may get high calories too. The size per bottle is 20oz and in one serving, you will get 290 calories with not total fat and saturated fat too. There are no vitamins found in this drink or other beneficial minerals.

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However, in one bottle, you may find 105 grams of sodium or it is about 4%, 77 grams of carb or about 26% and 77 grams of sugar. If you drink them more than one serving as suggested, then you can count in double. No one can resist the mountain Dew but remember, you need to read Mountain Dew nutrition facts on the label to know the calories intake so you can control it well.

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