Papa Murphy’s Menu Nutrition

papa murphy's menu nutrition

Papa Murphy’s (PM) is a pizza store that has many stores in many countries. It’s necessary to know about Papa Murphy’s menu nutrition and how the ideas can bring easier life for many families, especially mother.

Pizza is a famous Italian food. It made of dough, have various toppings such as meat, bacon, fish, tomato sauce on it, and mozzarella cheese that melted after baked. When eating pizza freshly from the oven, it will be tasty, crunchy, and give special effect by the melted cheese.

PM offer “Bake and take” or “Take and bake” pizza. Bake and take mean customer order pizza at the store. The worker will prepare and bake the pizza. The customer takes home a ‘ready to eat’ pizza. “Take and bake” pizza means customer order pizza at the store, it prepared by the worker, but customer baked at home. So you have a hot and fresh pizza. The last choice may help working mothers to prepare dinner easily, and for many families, cheaper. A lot of toping variation won’t make people bored.

How about nutrition? Papa Murphy’s menu nutrition can easily find online, so people can choose the best.

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Pizza is a kind of delicious food that contains good nutrition if people choose the right topping. Make sure to choose pizza that contains complex nutrition such as carbohydrate (from the dough), fat (from oil, butter, and cheese), meat, vegetables, and minerals (salt and other ingredients). Add fruit or vegetable salad to make it more healthy. Papa Murphy’s menu nutrition inform that a slice of Pepperoni PM pizza may contain 310 calories, 15 grams fat, 29-grams carbs, and 14-grams protein. Other variety may contain different nutrition.

Combine this amount of nutrition with the diet program, so that everybody can eat a favorite food, but keep stay happy and stay healthy.

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