Pepsi Nutrition Facts and Its Effect to Your Health

pepsi nutrition facts

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The recent study indicates that Pepsi nutrition facts that contain in a can of this carbonated water may cause serious illness. Even though you might notice the ingredients on the back of the product, but we rarely look at the side effect notice of certain nutrition when we buy the product unless you suffer from certain kind allergies. Pepsi is basically dominated by sugar, even though the producers do not directly mention the amount of sugar that contains in a can of carbonated water. As the result, people who consume Pepsi for daily basis may suffer from diabetes after a long period of consumption.

However, it is not only diabetes which becomes the main concern; as several studies indicate that people who drink diet carbonate water have a higher percentage in getting a heart attack. Harvard University in their journal noted that people who consume carbonate water have shown significant weight gain. A similar problem also occurs in children, who increased their carbonate water consumption by 12 ounces. Those who drink 2 cans of Pepsi and any other carbonated water has a 26% risk in getting diabetes type 2, while their chance of getting a heart attack is around 20%. By reducing the amount of carbonate water consumption, we can reduce the risk of heart attack, diabetes, as well as obesity.

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Consuming Pepsi from time to time might not seem to cause any problem, as it didn’t give direct side effect like allergies. However, it might cause serious illness after it becomes a continuous habit; it does not only affect the person who consumes the products but also the fetus from mother who addicted to carbonate water. Even though the produces did not describe Pepsi nutrition facts on the products can, but you might need to browse the side effect of the carbonated water which is available in costumer report side.

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