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PF Chang’s Nutrition in Lettuce Wraps

pf chang's nutrition

Photo Credit: P.F. Chang’s Hawaii

Chinese food is always the best idea to eat because you can feel the different flavors from another side of the world. PF Chang is the Chinese Bistro which offers the best Chinese menu inspired from 5 different culinary regions in China and with fusion touch also. However, PF Chang’s nutrition can be your guide before selecting which menu you want to order since Chinese food can be so tempting and you need to limit the calories intake per day.

See The PF Chang’s Nutrition in Lettuce Wraps

There are so many menus on PF Chang that will make you confused to choose the best one for you and the foods can contain pork, chicken, meat, seafood and more. Before choosing and eating it, what you need to know is the PF Chang’s nutrition.

However, you don’t need to worry because you will still get to choose the healthy menu as the option and lettuce wrap can be the very best version of Chinese meal if you want to choose the healthy life. The calories intake inside the Lettuce Wrap is about 510 calories per serving. The high calories are caused because of the filling inside the lettuce and you can know once you read the menu.

Along with it, Lettuce Wrap offers total fats around 12 grams and the carb is around 68 grams. Meanwhile, the protein is around 28 grams. The calories and fats represent the daily recommended value around 18% based on the calories for diet in 2000. The carb is also representing the recommended value in 22% and the protein is in 56%.

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The good news is Lettuce Wraps doesn’t contain any sodium and cholesterol but it contains the dietary fiber around 5.37 grams. This thing equals 21% of the recommended value in daily need. Other good news is the Lettuce Wrap also doesn’t have sugar.

The only sugar you can find is in the sauce inside. You may also find other PF Chang’s nutrition inside the healthy menu if you really want to stay fit.

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