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Pita Pit Nutrition in Chicken Breast Salad and Pita Bread

pita pit nutrition

Photo Credit: Healthydiningfinder

Pita Pit is popular everywhere because it offers sandwiches in roll-able pita bread instead of regular bread or bun. It offers fresh and healthy ingredients every day and they have also a vegan menu for those who are intolerant of meat. They offer around 20 fillings and 40 toppings so you can mix and match them. You may also see Pita Pit nutrition in each menu especially the total calories including the vegan menu to make you choose wisely.

Know The Pita Pit Nutrition Before Ordering

Pita bread is basically lighter than regular white bread or buns you always see on regular sandwiches or hamburgers. Which is why, Pita Pit uses this type of bread to wrap the fillings including meat, vegetable and also sauce together as your meal-to-go. However, it is better for you to know Pita Pit Nutrition before choosing the menu. As you know before, the main star of this food company is pita bread and it offers some different types of pita bread with different calories counted in every bread.

The white regular pita bread has 130 calories in small size and 190 for the big one. If you choose Whole Wheat pita bread, it may have the same 130 calories in small size like white regular pita bread and it has around 210 calories for the big size. If you choose the gluten-free pita bread, it may contain 320 calories for both small and big size. You need to know one example from their menu to know the whole calories and you can choose Chicken Breast Salad which has around 208 calories in total.

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The total fat of this menu is 14 gram with saturated fat is around 3 grams. Meanwhile, the total cholesterol of this menu is 120 mg and it has sodium around 669 mg. The total carb inside one serving of this menu is 8 grams with 15 grams of protein. You can see another Pita Pit nutrition on every menu stated on their web so you will know the nutrition for small and big serving.

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