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Raising Cane’s Nutrition in One Serving

raising cane's nutrition

Photo Credit: SmuDailyCampus

Have you ever heard about something good is unhealthy? Junk food is delicious but behind it, there is a huge problem especially for those who want to live healthily or reduce fats. Raising Cane is the popular chicken paradise with its perfect chicken fingers. However, before eating it without control, you need to know the fact of Raising Cane’s nutrition. You can download it in PDF form from the official site or you can just see it from other sources.

Know Raising Cane’s Nutrition First Before Consuming It

Do you love chicken especially those which are sold in junk food restaurant like Raising Cane? Many people like it but they need to consider the Raising Cane’s nutrition especially for those who want to limit the consumption of junk food. For those who are living healthy, they need to avoid this lovely chicken because, in one serving, you may just find more than 500 calories.

In the little part of the chicken, perhaps the calories are not too high but in the box of combo or some package, you may see more than a thousand calories inside one serving meal and you will not realize it at all unless you try searching the calories inside each part of the meal.

In one tender of chicken fingers, you will get the total calories of 127. However, one chicken finger can’t fulfill your tummy so people will eat more for sure and you just calculate the calories. The total fat in one tender chicken is about 7 grams or 11% with carbs coming from the coating ingredient is around 9 grams. Meanwhile, the protein inside one tender of chicken fingers is around 13 grams.

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It contains no vitamin and the cholesterol level is around 14 mg. If you order it along with fries since many people can’t eat chicken without fries. Inside one serving of fries, you will get 291 calories more than one tender of chicken and if you eat them all together, you may get more than 350 calories at once.

Try measuring and know the best Raising Cane’s nutrition before consuming it because you don’t want the bad result at the end.

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