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Know Red Potato Nutrition for Diet


If you want to live healthy, then you need to change some ingredients you used to eat before and find the perfect replacement. Red potatoes can replace your regular carb because they contain beneficial vitamins and minerals to give you energy. Know the red potato nutrition first before consuming it so you know the best serving meal per day. Especially for women, you may get the well-balanced diet and you can eat the whole potato with its skin.

Know Red Potato Nutrition to Decide The Best Portion

 You have to know red potato nutrition first including calories and more so you know how many you have to eat it in a day or per serving. A medium potato can be around 2.25 to 3.25 inches for the diameter. If you eat both skin and flesh, then you may get around 153 calories per serving along with less than 1 gram for the fat and 3gr of protein based on the Department of Agriculture in US.

That is why, this potato is very good for diet since this is the vegetable source and it is better than consuming daily regular carbs like rice, white flour and bread. However, since it has 153 cal, you have to be careful enough in consuming it so you don’t gain weight because of it.

Meanwhile for the carb, if you consume the same size of red potato which is medium, you may deal with 34 grams and if you diet, then you can consume around 3 medium sized potatoes. The fiber inside the red potatoes can help your digestion system and it can prevent diarrhea and constipation.

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If you eat this regularly, you may be free from cholesterol because it can make your blood sugar low. Though potatoes are considered as vegetables, however they have high carb content. That is why, if you do the diet program, then you need be more cautious for the portion to avoid the high carb intake.

After knowing red potato nutrition, you may think twice anymore to avoid it or hate it because red potato can help you in maintaining the best shape of your body and health.

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