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Sprite Nutrition Facts in Medium Size

sprite nutrition facts

What will you drink during hot days especially in summer? Water is not enough for some people and they need something more than just water tough it is cold. Soda can be the perfect one especially Sprite that has a lemony flavor that can reduce heat and reduce your thirsty feeling. However, no one cares about Sprite nutrition facts whenever they drink it. Though it is just liquid, it contains more calories you don’t realize it at all.

Knowing Sprite Nutrition Facts to Learn Your Calories Intake

Sprite is everyone chosen drink on the hot days especially when it is cold. Sprite is also the best drink among all sodas because of the unique taste. It comes in a can, medium bottle, and family size in a big bottle. However, no one cares and also even looks at the Sprite nutrition facts attached to every label. Remember soda can make you fat and it contains high calories though it is just liquid. Once you understand and see it, you can know how many you can consume it and how to control your weight from soda.

In the medium size of 355 ml, you will get 140 calories but it doesn’t contain total fat and saturated fat either. It is cholesterol-free too. Meanwhile, it contains 65 mg of sodium, 4 grams of potassium, 38 grams of total carb, 38 grams of sugar 1% of calcium and iron. It is the regular and common size you always drink and also bring wherever you are. The sugar is quite high for soda like that. Though it doesn’t have total fats, the sugars inside can turn to fat and you can’t just drink it regularly.

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Sprite can be found also in some popular fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s as one of them. There, you can find Sprite in medium size and it has 200 calories, 45 grams of sodium, 54% of total carb and 54 grams of sugar. You need to consider twice if you but Sprite when you eat junk food at McDonald’s. If you want to leave healthy, then you need to search for the Sprite Nutrition facts before drinking it because it can ruin your diet too.

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