Tijuana Flats Nutrition in Some Best-Selling Menu

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If you love Mexican dishes, then you know about Tijuana Flats which is the Tex-Mex restaurant that offers Mexican cuisine. You can eat several types of Taco, Burrito and many more which are famous and it has more than hundreds of branches all over the US. Before placing your orders, then you need to know Tijuana Flats nutrition so you can eat without being guilty and you can control the calories intake whenever you eat food from Tijuana.

Tijuana Flats Nutrition Inside Burrito and Salad

Being guilty after eating your favorite Mexican dish is not what you want. Who can resist Tijuana Flats? It always offers the best fresh ingredients but it also offers the lighter version of their foods including fat-free, low-fat and whole wheat food. However, you have to look at the Tijuana Flats nutrition menu first before placing your orders. Though it contains vegetables in almost every dish, you still maintain the calories intake if you still want to stay healthy and slim without being guilty.

Tijuana Beef Burrito is one of the best-selling menus and it contains 805,8 calories per serving. The beef burrito also contains 41.1 grams of fat, 55.2 grams of carb and 42.3 grams of protein. If you eat two servings of burrito, then you may get almost 2000 calories. Meanwhile, the Chicken Burrito has lower calories per serving. It has 540 calories in around 308 grams per serving size of Chicken Burrito. It contains around 25 grams of fat, 46 grams of carb and 30 grams of protein lower than the beef menu.

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The healthy menu like Taco Salad has around 1600 calories per serving with no fat, protein and also a carb. Another healthy menu in Tijuana is Black Bean Salad with no Jalapenos, no Onions, no Olives, no dressing and no shell has 275 calories with 13.1 grams of fat. However, it doesn’t have protein and also carb at all so it is the best salad to accompany your heavy meal. You can see other Tijuana Flats nutrition on its menu or other trusted sources for your reference.

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